Aspiring for a Career in Data Analytics – Take an Industry Internship Route

Aspiring for a Career in Data Analytics – Take an Industry Internship Route

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recently announced that all undergraduate students in recognized Indian universities will have to compulsorily do a research internship for eight to ten weeks. As per the newly released guidelines, this internship program aims primarily at the employability of students and helps develop research capabilities in students. The decision has been made keeping in mind the importance for students of understanding how industry functions during their graduation only. This will not only help them gain practical exposure but also will increase their employability skills.

Today Data Analytics Technology is one of the most promising fields and predicted to create over 11 million jobs by 2026, the skill has become highly consumable. The businesses are not able to fulfill customers’ demands as the skill is rare and niche, and there is a low availability of good data analysts in the market.

We, at Lagozon Edutech, are leaders in executing niche training and internship courses on Data Analytics. These courses are designed, developed, and executed directly by senior data science programmers using live sessions.

Data Analysts from Lagozon Technologies (Parent Company of Lagozon Edutech, started in 2012) have been directly involved in the internship process. They have been directly mentoring and guiding the student interns while sharing their industry experience and best practices at the same time. The interns thus get the industrial exposure during their internship – from knowing the working of live data analytics projects, the software used, processes applied in SDLC till projects go live. At the end of Internship, to earn a certificate, all student interns must mandatorily undergo a rigorous project demonstration and an interview/viva on the same. The content of course is made available on the cloud hosted LMS system, which is gamified, each week based on students passing a weekly quiz, they will earn a badge.

Additionally, once the internships are completed, and interns complete their graduation, the top performers from the batch become eligible for hiring interviews at Lagozon Technologies for entry level Data Analyst roles. This internship in the niche area of Data Analytics also helps in increasing graduate student chances of getting recruited by top IT companies during the campus placements, since all these enterprise organizations have large centers of excellence of data analytics.

Students currently in their second or third year of graduation and aspiring to make their career in the field of Data Analytics, here’s your chance to work with industry’s leading data science professionals and get mentored by them.

The interested students can write to or visit to get more information about our AICTE Evaluated courses on Data Analytics, Industry-Academia collaboration for Training and Internships programs and setting up Data Analytics Labs and Center of Excellence (COE) in university campuses.



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