Cloud Data Platform Using Snowflake

Cloud Data Platform Using Snowflake

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform that provides a fast, flexible, and scalable solution for storing, processing, and analyzing large volumes of structured and semi-structured data. Get started with Snowflake through this course and by the end of the course, you should have a solid understanding of Snowflake Architecture and be able to work with it effectively to manage and analyse large amounts of data.

Total Lessons

19 Lessons

Program Duration

5 Weeks Only

Learning Format

Trainer driven virtual sessions

Course Overview


Cloud Data Platform Using Snowflake


This course in Snowflake is highly beneficial as it provides you with valuable skills and knowledge that can help you advance in your career and work with large amounts of data more effectively. In 5 weeks, during the duration of this course, you will master data warehousing on the cloud by creating your own Lab Environment, Working with Queries, Data Modeling, Snowflake SQL and much more.
Our hands-on approach allows you to achieve your goals more quickly, confidently, and at your own pace. This course will help you improve your employability skills. This will allow you to provide exposure to the industrial environment, which cannot be replicated in the classroom, and so will aid in the development of qualified professionals for the industry.

Online Course
(Trainer Driven Virtual Sessions)

  • Live sessions of 35 hrs
  • 35 hrs of guided exercises/quiz
  • Guided Project and Viva presentation
  • 4-months of LMS Access


Unlock the true powers of your data with interactive data visualizations, self service solutions and game changing writeback capabilities.

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Self-Paced Course, Trainer Driven Course


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Key Highlights

Trainer Driven Courses

  • Access to Question Bank/Exams
  • LMS Access for 4 months post enrolment
  • Access to Lagozon Technology Team
  • Training/Internship Certificates
  • Option for hiring top 3 students as Data Analyst
  • Live sessions from Data Engineers/ data scientists and leads from Lagozon Technologies daily
  • Access to last 2 days of recorded live session videos for viewing purposes
  • Guidance for job readiness and Post Internship Support
  • Guidance for technical certifications

Course Curriculum

  • Snowflake Introduction
  • Snowflake Lab Environment
  • Snowflake User Interface
  • Working with Queries
  • Working with Semi-Structured Data
  • Snowflake SQL
  • Snowflake Administration
  • Integration with BI Tools
  • Industry Relevant Project

Skills Covered

Cloud Computing

Cloud Data warehouse

Data Migration

Data Management

Data Engineering

Data Modeling

Who can apply?

  • Anyone who is passionate to learn and enhance skills in Data Engineering
  • IT Professionals
  • CSE and Related Branch Graduates
  • SQL Developers
  • Data Engineers