Data Analytics for Universities

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Universities and higher education institutions are typically thought of as places where information and data disseminate from. However, from a business intelligence ( BI) perspective, there is also a large influx of data at these types of institutions. For example, universities collect and store datasets regarding student demographics, academic performance, academic departments, class enrollment levels, faculty load, faculty performance, NAAC compliance ratio, research / patent filed and other important information.

Lagozon EduTech help universities by leveraging business intelligence tools, using which university staff and administrators can convert all their raw data into visually intuitive run-time dashboards. Lagozon empowers educational institutes to gain meaningful answers with interactive dashboards that inform in a glance.

Here are how BI dashboards help in
higher education

Data-driven Decisions

With the higher education dashboard, the educational institutes can easily track admission and fees collection, examination results, attendance and helps in strategic planning to get better output from different departments

Simplified Understanding of Data with Data-Drilling feature

The predesigned dashboard allows the features of filtering and sorting, which enables organizing data for better understanding.

Simplified Analytics for Administration staff

We provide the dashboards that transform complex data from the departments into a simplified visual format so that anyone can comprehend it and make a judgment accordingly.

Make quicker and data-driven decisions with
BI dashboard

  • Live higher education dashboard examples
  • With Lagozon, gain 360-degree visibility from admissions to examinations; training to payroll management.
  • Keep a track of fee, exams, finance, staff, assets etc. seamlessly.