Virtual Internships

Virtual Internships

Take a Quantum Leap in your career with Industry-led Internships and Trainings in niche area of Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

Overview of Virtual Internship

Lagozon Edutech provides technology trainings and virtual internship programs that aim at creating capable, creative and tech-savvy professionals who combine theoretical know-how with practical live industry projects expertise to solve complex situations by finding business relevant solutions to the problems.

Need of Virtual Internships

  • The main objective of providing internships is to shorten the curve between emerging technologies and the students learning by exposing them to the industrial environment, which cannot be simulated in the classroom.
  • By providing exposure to the current technological developments relevant to the subject area of training.
  • Acquiring experience in conceptualizing Technical reports/projects.
  • Enhancing the employability skills of the students passing out from Technical Institutions.
  • Providing exposure to Technical students to the industrial environment which cannot be simulated in the classroom and hence creating competent professionals for the industry.

Key Features of Lagozon’s Edutech Internship Model